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Current stock

We maintain a considerable stock of quality parts for the aviation industry, which we sell in both AR/SV conditions.

Our inventory changes constantly and is updated every 5 seconds – meaning our sales team can service your order quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we hold a small aircraft that is constantly stationed at Rotterdam Airport and is available for urgent deliveries within Europe.

Existing customers

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Our current stock

  Part number Description Condition Primary application
HG2030AD33 HG2030AD33 ADIRU RP Airbus A320 Family 
HG2030AD33 HG2030AD33 ADIRU RP Airbus A320 Family 
HG2030AD11 HG2030AD11 ADIRU RP Airbus A320 Family 
1500-2460-003 1500-2460-003 MODEL 4000 HGS COMPUTER SV Boeing 737 NG 
2313M-347-4 2313M-347-4 Wiper motor RP Boeing 737 NG 
60-989100-5 60-989100-5 MOTOR - PUMP OVERRIDE OH Boeing 737 NG 
7121-19971-01AC 7121-19971-01AC CONTROLLER-CABIN PRESSURE - NO1 RP Boeing 737 NG 
1-002-0102-2090 1-002-0102-2090 STATIC INVERTER RP Boeing 737 NG 
822-1604-101 822-1604-101 FCC-730 FLIGHT CONTROL COMPUTER SV Boeing 737 NG 
622-5129-802 622-5129-802 WCP-701/702 CONTROL PANEL SV Boeing 737 NG 
473955-1 473955-1 MODULE-FLIGHT DECK CONTROL, AF PNL RP Boeing 737 NG 
822-1710-214 822-1710-214 TRANSCEIVER WEATHER RADAR SV Airbus A320 Family 
Z014H000131A Z014H000131A CIDS DIRECTOR RP Airbus A320 Family 
1700667D 1700667D APU GTCP131-9A Control unit SV Airbus A320 Family 
980-4700-042 980-4700-042 Solid State Flight Data Recorder RP Airbus A320 Family 
753C0000-02 753C0000-02 Primary Heat Exchanger OH Airbus A320 Family 
Z133H031351A Z133H031351A FLIGHT ATTENDANT PANEL RP Airbus A320 Family 
C13042BA08 C13042BA08 Flight Management Guidance Computer - FMGC RP Airbus A320 Family 
2313M-347-4 2313M-347-4 Wiper motor RP Boeing 737 NG 
2313M-348-4 2313M-348-4 Wiper Motor RP Boeing 737 NG 
4086850-922 4086850-922 DISPLAY RP Boeing 737 NG 
30128-03 30128-03 PROCESSOR FUEL QTY RP Boeing 737 NG 
4091900-942 4091900-942 PHASE 3 DISPLAY UNIT RP Boeing 737 NG 
285A1200-1 285A1200-1 FLAP SLAT UNIT RP Boeing 737 NG