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Engine Management

APOC Aviation’s engines division is focused on CFM56-3/5A/5B/7B and V2500-A5 engines.

We foster close relationships with airlines, investors, and repair shops; manage engine sales; trade engines – with leases attached or as naked assets; and evaluate engine stock for trading, leasing, or teardown.

As we are pursuing a fast-growth strategy, we are constantly building trading relationships with like-minded counterparts.

  • “Green Time” lease (6-36 months)
  • Trading with leases attached or as naked assets
  • Exchange Programmes
  • Teardown to release parts
  • Spare Parts, LLPs, QECs support
  • Repair Management
  • Full certification of all components
VP Engine Trading and Leasing

Anca Mihalache

Aviator by blood.

Anca Mihalache joined the APOC team in 2019 with a solid engine management background under her belt. Responsible for developing a leasing platform for APOC, she covers a complete spectrum of management solutions and leads a team of professionals with passion and dedication. Anca has a blog where she shares her experiences of being a woman in the business world.


Your background: education/previous industries you worked in/the last position before joining aviation;

I hold two bachelor’s degrees, one in International Trade and Marketing and the other in PR. Previously I worked as a brand manager in the biggest Romanian news trust and then started working in aviation. Initially, I worked at my father’s company Aero Care, after that, at Vallair where I was involved in the trading and leasing of aircraft and engines. After my role at Vallair, I joined the team at APOC.

As VP of Engine Trading at APOC Aviation, I lead the engine trading division. I am responsible for developing the leasing platform for APOC Aviation, fostering relationships with airlines, investors, and repair shops; managing engine sales; trading engines with leases attached or as naked assets; and evaluating engine stock for trading, leasing, or teardown.


Why aviation? Was there something or someone who motivated you to seek a career in this field?

My father is an aircraft engineer who instilled in me a deep interest in aviation. He shared with me his love for the industry, something which I now totally understand.



Simply, because the team at APOC is absolutely amazing. Working for this company is not really working but more like spending time with your family. Also, it is a very fast-growing company and the opportunities are endless.


Why should a customer come to APOC (your personal opinion)?

Because we are very professional, we have a dedication to great customer support, and we are always very positive.



I love doing Zumba, going out in the city, travelling, and doing charity work.


What keeps you going?

My family, love for my job, and the fact that I have such great life.


A funny/motivational/encouraging story from your life/work/APOC;

Friday afternoon drinks in the office are the best way to finish the week.


Anything else you think is relevant to the topic?

Aviation is like a second family to me and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it.