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Aircraft acquisition for teardown

The APOC Aviation aircraft acquisition and teardown division are charged with the purchase of end-of-life narrow-body airframes for part-out utilisation. Dismantlement of an airframe is a sustainable approach that allows aircraft parts to be re-used while reducing the need for scrappage.

  • Airframe acquisition and tear-down at various specialized locations
  • Acquiring the airframe, gear or APU only, or the complete aircraft together with the engine department
  • Acquiring airlines’ surplus stock to help them strengthen their balance sheets
  • Reactivation of aircraft back to service, offered for sale, with available stock to benefit from any greentime
  • Consignment project management
  • Teardown at specialized locations or on-site
VP Airframe Acquisition and Trading

Jasper van den Boogaard

Jasper van den Boogaard, VP Airframe acquisition and Trading, ISTAT Certified Appraiser

“With an interest in all technical areas, I initially considered studying car mechanics,  now I’m hooked to the vibrant international life of aircraft trading.”

Jasper van den Boogaard joined APOC in 2017, bringing with him over 10-years of experience in aircraft leasing management and aircraft appraisals, covering both technical and financial aspects. At 22 years of age in 2007, he wrote a thesis on economic cycles that proved correct when the financial crisis struck in 2008. Since then Jasper’s financial model for aircraft appraisals and return-on-investment calculation has been used successfully for lease cashflow and asset acquisitions.

Your background – education/previous industries you worked in/the last position before joining aviation:

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Engineering, an Honour’s degree in Aviation Management, and a Master’s degree in Air Transport Management.

My journey in aviation started after I joined SGI, an aircraft lease management company. Within 8.5 years, I was covering all aspects of aircraft management – from technical support and financial evaluations, bringing aircraft back to service, and lease transitions. That in-depth experience was a great advantage when I moved to aircraft trading.


It was a new, exciting opportunity and I brought a skill that the Company needed, I wanted to be a part of the growth, and I enjoy complex, exclusive, and difficult challenges.

Why should a customer come to APOC?

We consistently deliver on our promises, and we provide high-quality services supported by a strong, trustworthy team of professionals. Besides taking pride in our work, we enjoy working together with our customers and developing long term business relationships.


Mountainbiking and racing cycling. For relaxation and peace of mind, I spend a lot of time in the forest with my family where I have a cabin.

What keeps you going?

At APOC my focus is on arranging deals and piecing everything together to make them work. There are so many smart individuals in this industry that share a mutual passion for aviation and they bring their own unique perspectives. The opportunity to work together and do business on a daily basis is priceless.