Parts supply

We possess a considerable stock of quality parts for the aviation industry, which we sell in both AR/SV conditions. Every component is bar-coded and tracked electronically, while our warehousing system is equipped with sophisticated climate control to ensure constant and accurate temperature parameters are met and maintained.

APOC Aviation inventory changes constantly and is updated every 5 seconds – meaning our sales team can service your order quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we hold a small aircraft that is constantly stationed at Rotterdam Airport and is available for urgent deliveries within Europe.

  • 24/7 AOG Support
  • Component Sales, Exchange and Lease (APU)
  • Flight Hour Programs (PBH)
  • Global Stock & Logistics Services
  • Pool Access Solutions (own developed system ALICANTO)
  • Frequent Buyer Program
VP Operations

Karim Grinate

“Aviation was always the thing I wanted to do in my life. I even used to clean planes as a side job during my studies.”

With over 10 years of experience in the field and through working for major airlines, Karim Grinate joined the team in 2019. He now leads the Component Sales division and, at the same time, continues to move the company forward with his innovative ideas and professional attitude as a VP of Operations.


Your background – education/previous industries you worked in/the last position before joining aviation:

My first job was working at the biggest newspaper in the Netherlands. My primary responsibility was to prevent readers from cancelling their subscriptions. And honestly, I was good at it. I was really triggered by meeting the target.

My first real job in aviation came in the customer service department at KLM Cargo. While taking on bookings to fill the cargo space, my commercial approach and acumen were noticed by the Sales Director, who offered me the first available Sales Manager position that became vacant.

I always had a different approach to customer service than my colleagues, which I believe was the reason for my success at Air France, KLM, Martinair Cargo. After 3-4 years, I joined Qatar Airways as Regional Cargo Sales manager, and later Oman Air as Senior Manager Cargo for Europe.

Why aviation?

Aviation was always the thing I wanted to do in my life. I even used to clean planes as a side job during my studies. Large aircraft, dynamics, and I, never liked a 9-5 schedule.


I always go for a challenge. After the meeting with team members, especially Max, I thought – let’s do this.

Why should a customer come to APOC?

We always deliver what we promise. We have efficient processes in place. We love all customers, no matter the tier. A diverse team in terms of knowledge and experience. We possess a good sense of the market.


I am a family man, so my free time is spent with my kids or playing football.

What keeps you going?

Aviation vs sales, both dynamic. I love big projects, I like budgets, I like targets. I need to be constantly challenged. I need a target that can be materialised, and I am to be the one who can make it happen. That’s me.

Anything else you think is relevant to the topic?

There is a happy marriage happening between myself and APOC. There is a very bright future ahead, and there is a lot to achieve. We are just taking baby steps right now, but so many massive projects coming that will amaze the industry.

Sales Manager - Components

Florent Michel