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Rotterdam, April 14 2021: APOC Aviation is collaborating with Bonus Tech, Inc., part of the Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance network, to disassemble its third engine in recent months. The CFM56-7B engine components will be integrated into APOC’s stock in April, ensuring the leasing, trading and part-out specialist is well positioned to support customers as market recovery ramps up.

Jim Nypels, Engine Materials Sales & Trading comments, “During the pandemic engine shop visits inevitably decreased as everyone tried to keep hold of as much available cash as possible. This has mainly been achieved through the cannibalisation of existing engines for parts or outright replacement, but with a finite number of assets available, this approach is not sustainable in the long term.”

The addition of these high calibre parts to our existing inventory of modern commercial engine components further enhances our offering of quality, ready-to-go parts

Jim NypelsEngine Materials Sales & Trading

“We are confident that this, coupled with the emerging green shoots of industry recovery, especially in North America, will quickly lead to an increase in volume of shop visits. Our recent investment in young, modern engine components will ensure that APOC is able to deliver, high quality ‘ready-to-go’ parts, just when the industry needs them most. A great example is the mapped set of CFM56-7B Fan Blades that were recently tagged by our friends at GKN Aerospace.”

The engine took just one month to disassemble, Nypels adds, “APOC already has a great working relationship with AFI KLM E&M, so it made sense to partner with one of their Group companies on this project, plus Bonus Tech is a known industry leader in engine teardowns. We have been very impressed with the high standard of their work and attention to detail, whilst maintaining strict turn-around times. The team have been a pleasure to work with.”

Aurelie Kergoat, CEO of Bonus Tech, adds “We were very pleased to collaborate with APOC on this project, further strengthening the positive relationship between APOC and AFI KLM E&M. In very good condition, this young asset is perfect for an upcycling programme with minimal wastage. We look forward to working with the team again in the near future.”

Nypels concludes, “Parts will soon be available in OH condition, with the repairs managed by APOC’s carefully audited selection of repair shops to maximise yields during repair.”