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Our new component repair shop, APOC CRS has started with narrowbody NiCd battery MRO. Further capabilities are being fast-tracked


APOC Component Repair Shop (APOC CRS) is part of the APOC Aviation group of companies. As an approved repair facility for SAFT NiCd Batteries, APOC-CRS will quickly expand to other battery types including widebodies like the A330, and particularly Embraer batteries for regional aircraft operators servicing larger airport hubs in Europe.

APOC CRS is EASA and FAA approved for SAFT NiCd battery MRO.

Why choose APOC CRS?

  • APOC CRS is the perfect addition to APOC Aviation’s core business, trading and leasing of modern narrowbody aircraft parts.
  • With years of experience in sourcing, auditing and managing repair shop relationships, this separate MRO capability has been established to ensure high quality and timely repairs.
  • All processes related to recovery, inspection, disassembly, repair, testing and re-certification have been streamlined based on the extensive experience in APOC’s core business.
  • We have a new modern facility with enough space to store batteries & other parts and the ability to replicate the blueprint in other markets.

How we are successful

  • APOC-CRS is a self-sufficient piece parts supplier for critical and essential components.
  • We have developed “APOC-CRS Success Factors Programme” to overcome aircraft component repair shop pitfalls.
  • Repairs are conducted using dynamic and up-to-date repair kits.
  • Staff is multi-flexible, with everyone able to help in any step of the repair process.
  • Data is collected using automated systems to monitor progress.


APOC CRS is an EASA and FAA approved component repair shop under approval numbers NL.145.1411 (EASA) and CRSY264E (FAA). Details on the scope of work can be found in the capability list. For questions or more details on our capabilities, please contact us via