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Max Lutje Wooldrik (CEO) and the entire team at APOC Aviation.

APOC Acquired a Boeing 747

Following its recent A319 teardown, earlier this month APOC acquired a Boeing 747-400 #27202 previously operated by KLM and fitted with CF6-80C2B1F engines. The airframe, which was sold on to AELS, will land at Twente Airport in a few weeks. AELS will be responsible for the teardown of the airframe. The engines were sold to one of APOC’s US clients and will be shipped after the teardown has been completed.

APOC Aviation is an innovative aircraft part-out company, located in Delft, the Netherlands, just between Rotterdam Airport and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Its recent acquisitions and a number of record-breaking crowdfunding campaigns have turned APOC into a key player in the Dutch market.

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