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Our team

Here at APOC Aviation, we surround ourselves with experienced, bright, and industry-passionate people.

We seek to build and maintain a professional, diverse, and motivated team focused on growing our business by providing superior client-centric services. We are a team of committed industry leaders who are always ready for the next big challenge.

Our executive team

Founder & CEO

Max Lutje Wooldrik

“I love to see things evolve into something better. From nothing to something.”

Max Lutje Wooldrik is a serial entrepreneur and the driving force behind APOC.


Your background:

I started my first company at 21, a website that sold mobile subscriptions to students. By the age of 25, I had set up my second business, a telecommunication company. After that, there were several software businesses involved in IT, software, apps, and educational software. All of these were a precursor to APOC, which I started in 2014.

Why did you start APOC?

I was awarded my pilot’s licence in 2009 and the love of flying inspired me to sell the telecoms company in 2011 and get involved in the world of aviation. Halfway through working on my bizjet pilot’s licence I came across the aircraft parts business and realised that this was where I wanted to get involved.

Why should a customer come to APOC?

We have heard from multiple sources that with APOC, you always get what you want and what you need. We are only human, we make mistakes, but we learn from them, we fix them, we take responsibility. We stand for tailor-made, customised services, and not many companies can offer that. Of course, aviation is a very regulation-driven industry, but if we can make it less bureaucratic, we will do so.

How has the company changed in the last two years?

We went from being a start-up to a scale-up and we now have a broad spectrum of resources to rely upon, together with a group of committed investors. We have structured the business strategically and implemented many processes, but we are constantly improving.

What was the turning point for the company’s growth?

Opening our landing gear division in Lithuania and cultivating the leasing side of the business. We saw a demand in the market, and we tailored ourselves to fit. APOC is always ready to consider new opportunities.

Who is the ideal employee for APOC? What are you looking for in them?

The ideal employee is self-motivated, someone who comes up with ideas and solutions to problems, instead of creating problems.

What keeps you going?

I love to see things evolve into something better. From nothing to something.

What is the dream?

For APOC to become a European aviation supplier with the highest rate of customer satisfaction.


A lot: flying, kite surfing, boating, paragliding, chess, whiskey! Travel and good food.

What example are you setting for your employees?

Fun is also an important part. It’s not all about work. You should also enjoy life.


Barry Lemmers

“I love numbers. Numbers don’t lie”

Barry Lemmers Joined the company in 2018, bringing with him over twenty years of experience in finance along with a significant number of successfully fulfilled projects in the field of company acquisition and process streamlining. During his time onboard, APOC has already tripled in size while securing a major shareholder to the business.

Your background:

I started my career in EY (auditing firm) while I was still in college and worked there for 7 years. During my time with EY, my main activity was working directly with financial institutions – banks, insurance companies, etc. Eventually, I came to a point where I had to decide if I wanted to continue with EY, eventually becoming a partner, or develop my career somewhere else. At that point, I decided to stretch my wings and see what lay beyond.

At first, I tried internal auditing, but I soon discovered that it wasn’t for me. I then moved to the role of business controller for a Dutch bank, where my main duty was to supply relevant (financial) information designed to enable better business decision-making. This role allowed me to feel fully involved and invested in the company.

After a couple of years in this position, I was given a chance to join the Transaction Services team in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). This role proved tremendously exciting as I had the chance to work on various transactions that you only usually read about in the media. This was an incredibly steep learning curve; tight deadlines, access to highly confidential information, in-depth analysis tasks, and reporting findings. All making the job both fun and rewarding.

The role involved learning about various company structures, and various business models, and also involved much travel. However, the downside for me was that the really interesting part of the acquisition process comes only after the analysis and reporting have been completed. I rarely got to experience the full process in practice – the integration, the business planning, and the development of critical business strategies. This was something I felt I was missing.

My final project with PwC led to my next challenge. The CFO of the company with whom we were advising asked me to join the company to help him, amongst others, improve processes and financial reporting. In other words: bring the finance department to a higher level. And that is what I did for the next 4,5 years. During that period, I successfully integrated the company’s finance departments in The Netherlands and Belgium.

My next job came with the appointment of my first role as CFO, where, in addition to finance, I was also responsible for HR and IT– streamlining, automating, and standardising. During my tenure, the company grew significantly in size and operations.

After another 4.5 years, I joined yet another company – APOC – where my function is to prepare the company for the significant growth to come.


After 4,5 years, I felt it was time to once again move on and find something new. Through a mutual relation, I came across APOC. After a couple of meetings with Max, his vibrant enthusiasm and the excitement in his voice when he spoke got me interested in the company and the entire industry. I have always liked and admired companies that build something, own something or create something.

When I joined in 2018, the factor that stimulated me most working for APOC, was that we were just at the beginning of the road. It was a growing company, a company with goals and a company with a journey to undertake. As the company was fast-growing, I determined that this company would not make the same mistakes in the development process – as I had witnessed in my previous roles. Working in a still relatively small company was a big step outside of my comfort zone. Armed with confidence and enthusiasm, I felt that this was a company bound for enormous success, and I wanted to be part of the journey.

We are now on track and have in our care a $100 million company to nurture and continue to grow.

Was becoming a CFO a dream of yours?

Not really a dream, but I always had the ambition to become a CFO before my 40th birthday, and I made it.

Why finance?

Numbers don’t lie. I decided to enter the world of finance after I finished high school. I specifically opted for accountancy because I thought if you become an accountant, you not only work with numbers – which I liked – but it also provides you with a good start to your career and enables you to see many different companies from the inside.

Why should a customer come to APOC?

I think it’s because we strive for excellence. We’re honest, and we don’t make promises that we cannot keep. We have processes and tools to fully understand the market, in conjunction with our attention to impeccable customer service.

It would be impossible to say that we never make mistakes. We do. But we are honest about them, take responsibility for them, and learn from them, making sure they never happen again.

How did the company change in two years?

The process of change has started, but it is far from done yet.

We are still looking to expand our portfolio. Every day, we realise that we need to move the company another step forward. Making it better, more efficient, more fun to work for. A process that will never be finished. We believe that you can always do better. If you are ambitious like we are, there is always some work to be done, some new improvements to be made, and some new goals to reach.

What was the turning point for the company’s growth?

Two major events acted as catalysts for growth.

Firstly, we decided to enter the landing gear and engine leasing market. For that, you need experts, along with more cash to buy assets. It was the trading and leasing route that kept us afloat and brought a steady supply of income during the Covid pandemic. Without this income, life would have been much more difficult. With hindsight, it’s fair to say that the strategic decision we made three years ago was a very sound one.

Secondly, the involvement with our shareholder, Egeria, has proven decisive in our plan to grow the company. Initially, we were striving to find external financing through informal investors and crowdfunding. Once we started to look for equity funding, we came into contact with Egeria. Their support with knowledge and funding opened up a whole new path for all of us.

Who is an ideal employee for APOC? What are you looking for in them? What quality do all employees have in common?

In short, we look for people with ambition. I wouldn’t want to have an employee who sits comfortably at their desk, day after day, without showing any ambition. That person has to have the desire to improve the company, to improve himself/herself. You also need to be a nice colleague to work with, a team member. We need to trust each other, rely on each other, work closely together, and have fun together too. Our employees need to gel closely with the team, and so far, I think we have succeeded in making that happen.

What is bigger – the company or the employee?

The company comes first. Sometimes that means that you need to put the company’s interest before yours. But, we cannot forget about the interests of the employees. If you want your employees to act in the company’s interest, you have to think about their interests too. You cannot expect employees always to choose a company’s interests over their own. Otherwise, you will lose your best employees first.

Are you a good CFO?

I think so. But I can always do better.

How do you make sure that you win?

I do my very best every day to win, but I don’t always win. One thing is important – you should know how to lose too. You should know how to deal with setbacks and how to react when things go wrong. If you deal with disappointment in the right way, you can only improve yourself.


Golf, sailing, family, friends.

How is success measured? How do you measure success?

I am a CFO. I like numbers, so part of my success can be found in numbers, but I am also responsible for HR, and in this role, you can’t use only numbers. So, even though I like and trust numbers, sometimes you have to trust your feeling as well.

How would someone write about your life for a magazine or newspaper? How would they describe you?

I am a hard-working, honest, no-nonsense kind of guy. If you messed up, be open, tell me, and we will fix it.

What can you give to employees?

Work satisfaction. When people are happy with their job, when they get fair compensation for what they do, have enough challenges, and work on a variety of projects, you create satisfied employees.

How do you find aviation?

It’s a fun and exciting industry. I like the people and the fact that it is an international industry. It is also an evolving and creative field, something that became evident during the COVID pandemic.


Kevin Wall

“I have made a lot of good friends in the industry. Customers became my friends & friends became customers. That is what I love about aviation”

Based in the new APOC office in Miami from early 2022, Kevin will will focus on shaping future growth, consolidating market share and nurturing a team of success-driven people


Your background – education/previous industries you worked in/the last position before joining aviation:

I have spent 35 years in the industry in forward-facing positions. Most recently as Chief Commercial Officer & Deputy CEO at Dublin Aerospace.
I was born and raised in Ireland, but after attending university in Limerick I moved to the Netherlands and started working for Fokker where I spent 10 years. Then I moved to Lufthansa, where I spent the next 20+ years.

Why aviation?

I got an opportunity in the early 1980s to join the OEM, Fokker, when two brand new types of aircraft were being developed. I found the interface between electronics and avionics very interesting. Once you start in aviation, you catch the bug, and you never go back!


I encountered Max and the APOC brand some time ago and was impressed by the dynamic attitude and the refreshing approach towards doing business at the Company. The growth of APOC since its inception some five years ago has been quite impressive and has attracted favourable attention from both the industry and investors alike. I am delighted to come on board with the APOC team at this exciting time in its development.


I love playing golf, and as a younger man I used to ride horses. I enjoy classic British cars and have rebuilt my 46-year-old Triumph from scratch.

What keeps you going?

I am very passionate about what I do, and I love meeting people. The aviation industry brings the two together. I could never work for a company that only sells volume instead of high value products. It would not give me the same fulfilment.

Anything else you think is relevant to the topic?

I am confident we will see APOC grow to new heights and will welcome many more customers to the APOC family as we strive to become the number one choice for support.

Executive Assistant

Suzanne Vogtschmidt

“If I didn’t have a good relationship with colleagues, I would stop. This is the most important thing for me.”

Suzanne joined the team in 2015 with plenty of previous experience in large international companies. Since then, she has been managing APOC’s growing team, keeping them together, and helping Max not to lose his mind on a daily basis.

Your background: education/previous industries you worked in/the last position before joining the aviation:

I had always thought that I wanted to study law, however, after finishing high school the idea no longer stimulated me. My idea was to go to France and become part of an Au Pair programme – my father was not so keen on the idea. So, I listened to him and chose something regarded as being ‘more suitable’ – secretarial studies at the best private high school in the Netherlands. We agreed that I would finish my studies, and then go to France. But, somewhere in between, I fell in love and stayed.

Across the span of my career, I have worked with many large multinational companies, such as CANON Europe and NOKIA.

After having both my children, I joined NBBE where I remained for 8 years. Later, I joined a cybersecurity company, FOX IT.

How did you come along APOC?

I wasn’t actively looking for a job at the time, but a friend informed me that a company was looking for a secretary, so I went for an interview. After a handshake with Max, I knew I would stay here. It was an immediate connection.

What do you think is your biggest impact?

Once, I was told that I am like a social glue and that I can lighten up the room. I get along with everybody: I try to keep everyone together, despite their differences. For Max, I am his organiser, his diary, his agenda keeper; I give peace to his life and make it less chaotic. It comes naturally. I don’t have to try hard, and I like the process very much.

Why should a customer come to APOC?

We’re an open-minded company, especially Max. Max is APOC. Initially, it was very easy to keep the company atmosphere alive when there were only 6 people involved. Now we are growing, and I sincerely hope that we can keep the atmosphere alive throughout that growth and beyond. What attracts customers to APOC, I believe, it’s the personal touch and the personal approach to the customer.

The strongest side of APOC?

The whole industry is the real advantage. Aeroplanes, flying – working in this industry gives you a unique set of opportunities.

What keeps you going?

If I didn’t have a good relationship with my colleagues, I would stop. That is the most important thing for me. Also, the connection with Max.

A funny/motivational/encouraging story from your life/work/APOC:

I always say that I want everybody to be themselves. There are so many different people around, it is important to remain individual.

Anything else you think is relevant to the topic?

I would like to have all our team stay together and continue looking in the same direction.

VP Landing Gear Trading and Leasing

Karolis Jurkevicius

“It was pretty boring… until Landing Gears came along. It was love at first sight.”

Karolis Jurkevicius joined the team in 2018 with more than 15 years of experience in sales and project management. Since joining, Karolis is the one who introduced the LDG leasing service, increased warehouse capacity 10 times, and was announced as the best supplier by our biggest customers.


Your background: education/previous industries you worked in/the last position before joining aviation:

In one guise or another, all of my life I have been working in sales. I must say, even though I was always far more interested in work than studies, my transport engineering education helped me a lot during my career considering the industries I worked for. Before aviation, it was used trucks, then construction machinery.

I landed my first aviation job in 2016 and was involved in component sales, right up until my first Landing Gear project – it was then that everything fell into place.

It happened that I had to learn practically everything alone, in my previous company LDG products proved unpopular – it was complex and took much time to get results. However, for me, I found it very interesting, also it has proven beneficial for me and my future career.

Why aviation?

I never even dreamt of aviation. The target was to get into an international company with an active global market. Then, a colleague of mine offered me an opportunity to give it a try, and here I am. I am motivated by the value of deals – often, decisions in this unique industry rely on speed and not price.


After a couple of years in aviation, I wanted to quit. I felt burned out and needed a break. And then I met Max in the bar during one of the conferences. I liked his overall approach to business and life. He gave me full freedom and responsibilities, exactly what I was looking for.

Why should a customer come to APOC?

We always aim to deliver what is promised and provide the highest quality of service possible. We are not perfect – we are an organism and are learning by doing. We own what we sell. We take risks so our customers don’t have to. We are always playing with open cards.


Motorcycles. Cannot work without music in my ears. Sports – watching and playing.

And the motto: F1= -F2. Newton’s Law. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Act the way you want others to act with you. Give what you expect to receive from others. Everything I do, I expect the same from others.

What keeps you going?

Family. Freedom to travel. Constant movement forward. Every day with every new client, with every new meeting, I learn something new, and every day I realise that there is so much left to learn. I will leave aviation when there will be nothing left to learn… which is, never.

A funny/motivational/encouraging story from your work:

During one exhibition, I bumped into a guy and had a 10-minute chat with him. That conversation brought us our most profitable customer. So, every meeting counts. That is why online platforms will never replace face-to-face meetings.

Vice President Operations

Arjan de Jong

Arjan has joined APOC as the Vice President for Operations. His main task is to ensure that the operational side of the organisation runs smoothly by making sure all teams are working as one. Basically, he will take ownership of everything that is needed to run an optimal and profitable business.


Your background – education / previous industries you worked in / last position before joining APOC

I was originally educated in aircraft engineering. During this time I completed an industrial engineering internship at Fokker Aircraft, but I started my career outside of the aircraft industry, originally working at Philips Electronics for about 12 years. I then returned to Fokker and consecutively held positions at Marshall Aerospace and VIBA where I was responsible for their Aerospace & Defence Business Unit. In the meantime, I also completed my MBA at the RSM Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Why aviation?

At young age I was fascinated to learn how mankind can fly and experience the incredible views from high in the sky. I started flying model aircraft from a young age and moved into flying glider planes myself when I was about 20 years old. I continued to do so until becoming the father of two lovely daughters. What I particularly like is that as a pilot you operate in three dimensions, the g-load forces you experience when making manoeuvres and the tremendous sights you enjoy whilst being in the air. Moreover, a glider pilot must ‘read’ the weather around you and make tactical decisions at high speed to stay airborne. For me, the skill-set can be applied very much to doing business.


APOC is a successful company with a great story to tell. It is a financially healthy business with strong backing and growing rapidly. What I really like is the way APOC values its human capital and how the business leverages this as one of its competitive advantages. This in effect stimulates a great atmosphere at APOC; it is about entrepreneurship combined with teamwork. Having worked now at several companies, including outside the aviation industry, it’s refreshing to see a company like APOC, and exciting now to be part of this successful team.


I used to fly glider planes with great passion. My longest flight in a glider was for 9 hours just using the sun to stay in the air, no record by far but still quite a ride. I have also loved doing aerobatics with glider planes. What a better way to see the world from a different perspective.
Now I am really into sailing as it’s a great way to spend time with my family. I own an EFSIX sailboat dingy which is a unity-class sailboat on which I participate in sailing competitions and take the family for day trips. In parallel, a lot of time goes into supporting my daughters’ ambitions to become better sailing competitors. And I also ride a mountain bike to stay fit.

What keeps you going?

Doing new things and tackling challenges are things that give me energy. But probably even more important, being part of a successful team is what really keeps me going. I am not a solo player, enabling teams to be successful is what I am all about.