Current stock

We maintain a considerable stock of quality parts for the aviation industry, which we sell in both AR/SV conditions.

Our inventory changes constantly and is updated every 5 seconds – meaning our sales team can service your order quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we hold a small aircraft that is constantly stationed at Rotterdam Airport and is available for urgent deliveries within Europe.

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Our current stock

  Part number Description Condition Primary application
D53132110000 D53132110000 Radome OH Airbus A320 
964-0453-001 964-0453-001 HF - COUPLER SV A320 
87232329V07 87232329V07 MODULE AIR DATA SV  
35-0L0-1002-05 35-0L0-1002-05 CONTROL PANEL-ECAM OH  
SIC5059-13-10 SIC5059-13-10 COMPUTER-FQI RP  
3945128215 3945128215 Elevator Aileron Computer - ELAC SV  
3945128215 3945128215 Elevator Aileron Computer - ELAC SV  
HG2030AE23 HG2030AE23 ADIRU SV  
2206400-2 2206400-2 Air Cycle Machine SV B737, B737NG 
2206400-2 2206400-2 Air Cycle Machine SV B737, B737NG 
2118966-222 2118966-222 ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT (APU) SV B737 NG 
30-2505-3 30-2505-3 LIGHT-ANTI COLLISION OH B737 NG 
8-930-03 8-930-03 BATTERY CHARGER RP B737 NG 
BA03604 BA03604 APU Generator RP  
C19266EA01 C19266EA01 MCDU-Multipurpose Control Display Unit RP A320 
SIC5059-13-20 SIC5059-13-20 FQIC A319 ER RP  
465020-03030316 465020-03030316 ADIRU RP A320 
753A0000-04 753A0000-04 Primary Heat Exchanger OH  
753D0000-01 753D0000-01 Primary Heat Exchanger OH  
754A0000-03 754A0000-03 Main Heat Exchanger OH A320 
4101002-11 4101002-11 Power Transfer Unit - PTU SV A320 
20790-03AC 20790-03AC Outflow Valve RP A320 
756A0000-06 756A0000-06 Condenser OH A320 
350E053021818 350E053021818 Flight Warning Computer - FWC RP  
1700667D 1700667D APU GTCP131-9A Control unit RP