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Significant Milestone

Recently, APOC Component Repair Shop (APOC CRS) has achieved a significant milestone by receiving approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a certified component repair station. For players in the aviation industry, this means a new contender is on the scene, one that pledges to redefine the quality and efficiency benchmarks in battery repair and maintenance.  

A Step Ahead in Aircraft Battery Maintenance  

Airlines and aircraft maintenance organizations (MROs) understand the intricate relationship between battery performance and overall system reliability. APOC CRS strides forward with the promise of excellence in battery maintenance, having been an established and trusted player in the field as an EASA approved SAFT NiCd battery repair shop. This strategic move to secure FAA approval amplifies the reach and credibility of APOC CRS within the aviation ecosystem.  

The significance of this approval extends beyond bureaucratic endorsements. It symbolizes an uncompromising dedication to stringent safety and quality standards, which translates to peace of mind for carriers and MROs entrusting APOC with their battery maintenance needs.